Special splicers for narrow reels up to 870 mm.

Special splicer for narrow reels

MTORRES has designed a new single-arm unwinder, CANTILEVER type, with high-speed automatic splicing, especially suitable for working with narrow reels (up to 900 mm wide), capable of splicing at speeds of up to 450 m/min with constant tension control. It can make overlapped splices without glue and ‘butt’; even, as an option, it can splice to register.

It is a perfect solution in coating, extrusion, lamination and printing processes.

One of the main advantages of the splicer TORRESLITE, is that it is capable of splicing while maintaining line speed but with high reliability in the splice: fewer machine stops, greater productivity.

The MTORRES TORRESLITE Splicer eliminates the tail of the splice, which means that subsequent treatments in extruders, printers, etc. they do not suffer when the splice passes through the line. Result: reduction of material waste.

Installation in final destination is facilitated as it is sent in modules.

Options improvement area
R.O.C. 1) Automatic splicing to minimize waste Raw material savings
Double adhesive Second Adhesive Application Process quality
Splice in record splice in print log Process quality
External group (included in rack) Unwinder band tension isolation - process Process quality
Aligner Band Alignment Process quality
Special rollers adaptation to demanding bands Process quality / coverage range
Unwind motors Unwind Control Process quality / maintainability / energy saving
Lanes Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Elevator - Peeler Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Other shaft diameters axes customization
Shaft adapters axes customization
"Factory Towers" Operational availability monitoring and improvement tool for productivity improvement Process efficiency - productivity
Rockwell Platform control customization
USA Regulations Regulations customization
MT unwind tests Tests Optimization
Other non-CE language Documentation customization
Imperial unit of measure Documentation customization
Recommended Spares Pack Spare Parts Maintainability / efficiency of the process

1) for substrates from 120/130 gsm.

The splicing is done when the paper strip completely detaches from the mandrel.

The strip must be attached to the mandrel in its entire width, it cannot be partially detached from it.



You will find all the technical information specified in the product catalogue.

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