People and talent

Commitment to people

MTorres´ success depends on the people who work for it.

For this reason, it must have capable, motivated and committed collaborators with the company´s culture and project. In this context, the following guidelines are established as a basic reference for the management of the organization´s human resources as select and keep the best professionals who wish to share our project and values. Develop an organizational culture focused on innovation, teamwork and commitment. Consolidate an organization in which communication promotes integration and commitment of each collaborator with the company. Invest effectively in career development and help improve the technical and management skills of our teams. Regularly evaluate the professional performance of each collaborator in order to align their activity with the company´s objectives and identify opportunities for their professional development. Reward competitively and equitably, seeking to recognize the contribution and level of performance of each employee. Provide a work environment where health and safety are the precondition for all activities and decisions. Prioritize internal promotion as much as possible, taking as reference values professional competence, development potential and commitment to the business project as benchmarks.

Entire organization is responsible for making this policy effective and assuming these commitments.

Working with us

MTorres´ people management policy establishes as one of its main objectives the selection and retention of the best professionals who wish to share our project and values.

On the one hand, our organization seeks to balance experience and youth, ensuring the knowledge base and management capacity, as well as dynamism and future growth.

To this end, we seek that the organization´s talent reflects an appropriate balance between theoretical capacity and management skills.

We are looking for people...

Who fits our Company´s strategic project and, above all, they must understand and share company´s values: Innovation, Commitment and Teamwork.

Who incorporates personal skills such us initiative, autonomy and flexibility necessary to integrate into the dynamics of the organization and add value to it.

Who provides international experience in order to help and support the internationalization process of the organization.


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Train with us

Agreements with Universities and Training Centers

We have agreements with different universities and training centers that make it possible for a good number of people with no previous work experience to exercise professionally for the first time every year.

Scholarships and internships not only constitute a first work experience of great help for those who do it, but in MTorres they also serve us in many cases as a selection tool for future hires.

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