About us

MTorres is a provider of innovative, integrated and intelligent automation solutions for the global industry.

Our vision is to be a world leader in providing solutions from innovation, technology and people, being for our customers, key partners in the pursuit of competitiveness.


Manuel Torres began its activity in 1975 as a family business in the paper converting sector. Since then it has supplied more than 3,000 unwinding and rewinding systems to customers around the world, being a A benchmark in reel handling and tension control technology for applications as diverse as liquid packaging, tissue, plaster or cardboard.

A few years later, it bursts into the aeronautics sector, becoming one of the most recognized manufacturers in the aeronautical market as a supplier of equipment and services and a world leader in lamination processes for composite materials. With more than 30 years of experience, it has participated in more than 27 commercial and military programs and is a strategic partner of the main aeronautical manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Dassault or Embraer.

Since the beginning of its activity, Mtorres has always dedicated a good part of its resources to diversification in other areas of the industry such as rail, naval or wind power. In the latter, for example, it develops projects with innovative technology that was developed in the Group itself and that considerably reduce generation costs. It currently continues to develop wind generation projects, as well as managing the innovative technology wind farms developed by the MTorres Group itself, with the aim of generating clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.

Currently, our products are present in more than 700 clients in 70 countries.



Average turnover 2017-2019


Turnover invested in R&D









Values ​​- MTorres


These are our hallmarks:


Our service commitment is inherent in everything we do. The customer is always at the center of the MTorres universe.

Innovation - MTorres


Innovation is in the DNA of MTorres, which encourages its professionals to think and behave creatively and innovatively for the benefit of the client, taking on new technological challenges.

Commitment - MTorres


The people of MTorres always behave with professional excellence within a framework of integrity and customer orientation, which leads them to fulfill their commitments.

Team - MTorres


MTorres professionals work as a team, share their knowledge, skills and experiences, and make a joint effort to develop their talent to achieve common goals.

Social Responsibility - MTorres


MTorres pursues long-term business growth, with the ultimate goal of creating value for all stakeholders and promoting the prosperity and progress of customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.


MTorres began its activity more than 45 years ago in the converting sector with the opening of its first plant in the north of Spain. These are the most relevant milestones in its history, based on its growth and entry into different sectors of activity

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