Most of MTorres equipment runs reliably and productively for decades on end. With regular upgrades, and with a specific and dedicated maintenance it is even possible to achieve production rates with excellent KPIs for years, outperforming the general standard for each sector.

To help your MTorres equipment reachs its full potential, consider a Lifecycle Agreement from MTorres Service. A 100% customize service contract for the life of your equipment, that match your specific needs and standards.

  • On Site Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • Remote support
  • Preventive maintenance: periodical on-site maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance: TorresFactory (Subscription) + Process Control & Consulting
  • MTorres Lifecycle Maintenance: Preventive + TorresFactory + Process Control & Consulting + Spare parts
  • Stand-alone Agreements

Maintenance support

We offer a wide range of services focused on optimizing the operation of your equipment, adapting the scope to the specific needs of each customer:

  • Technical and human support from start up.
  • Training to operators.
  • Manufacturing, inspection, or assembly (positioning) software.

We also provide maintenance services at all levels (1-5), highlighting our remote support capability that accelerates troubleshooting and reduces repair costs.

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Remote Services

TorresFactory Subscription Service allows you to keep track of your main performance indicators, and it provides actionable insights to gain control and drive improvements based on data captured directly from the heart of the machine. It also shows historical data, and reports can be generated for analysis purposes.

To empower problem-solving, Remote Control Monitoring also includes functions such as a self-managed alerts and customizable dashboards and displays.

  • TorresFactory has proven to be a great cost saving tool
  • Quick access to key parameters and data for troubleshooting
  • Quick response, call and connect support
  • Alerts and Working ranges to prevent mayor down times
  • Maintenance Tool, easy access to maintenance relevant indicators, such as parts life span or working parameters
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Improves every factory maintenance and production activities through understandable, manageable, and accessible data

  • Strengthen your Team skills
  • Cost saving
  • Increase machine UPTIME

Torresfactory is an advanced internet data acquisition gateway that allows MTorres to monitor and collect vital KPIs for analysis and predictive maintenance. With data logging, alarming, built-in web interface, scripting, and enhanced internet connectivity, allows TorresFactory to analize any problem, even applying machine learning methodologies. It also supports VPN Remote Access for easy troubleshooting of your distant industrial equipment.

  • Device Set Up
  • Cloud Storage service
  • Technical support for installation
  • Video Storage and analysis
  • Match events (signals and commands) with images for deeper technical analysis
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Upgrade & Processes Optimization

If you need to extend the life of your equipment, improve its performance, quality, or adapt them for compliance with certain regulations, we can carry out technical audits to assess your current situation and propose the necessary actions to achieve your objectives.

We can also provide the information and calculations necessary to be able to assess your return on investment.

MTorres guarantees a long lasting lifespan of their products by providing upgrades aimed to improve the performance of the equipment and eliminate obsolescence


  • Adaptation to newer fabrication technologies and materials
  • Update to the latest health and safety standards
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Spare Parts Service & Repairing

Our aim is to facilitate our customers the access to commercially available items directly with our world class suppliers.

We supply more than 10,000 in-house references and top brands and our team can help define your optimal stock of recommended spare parts.  In recent years we have strengthened the service with the opening of warehouses in the USA and we have the ability to audit and manage the obsolescence of your spare parts.

  • Recommended Spare Parts Lists (consumable, OEM or customized part identifying the commercially available items with their OEM code)
  • Quick Care and Repair of Damaged/Broken Customer Components
  • Highly Qualified Contact Team to support on the correct required Spare Quick Identification
  • Advice on Obsolescence Possible Solutions

Training & Consulting

We offer comprehensive Consulting Services – from analytics and measurement, to improvement of production quality and machine performance, all the way to your process optimization.

Performance data analysis

With Torresfactory, you gain access to all production data relevant to your overall process, from the unwinder to the rewinder or sheeter, going all way to your main process, such as printing, coating or lamination. Torresfactory keeps you up to date on important KPIs, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), net productivity, average run length, and many more. Even better, with Torresfactory, you can compare your process performance with that of your peers, which will help you identify hidden potentials and improve the positioning in your market segment.


Digital Twin

What if we can build a system that can virtualize, visualize and test the application all in one go? In a real-time scenario, this would be extremely advantageous for any business.

  • Create a digital world with a non-real physical Process
  • Capture time and motion analysis from a physical process
  • Provide intelligence in optimizing physical process
  • Instrumentation for Business process improvements


On-site Evaluation

We help you identify potential improvements in your machinery:

  • What is its maintenance status?
  • Are all the settings, correct?
  • Is there any special retrofitting that could improve performance?
  • Does the software need updating?
  • Perhaps employee training is what you need in order to improve performance?


Once the Onsite Evaluation is complete, we will present your potential savings based on reliable data, along with a current on-site analysis, and work with you to develop an implementation schedule. All the measures involved are defined in terms of time or material savings, and the potential savings from each measure are quantified in black and white

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