Composite materials

MTorres has a team with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of components in composite material for a wide number of sectors, including the aerospace, wind or naval sectors.

We make all this experience available to our clients to achieve success in any initiative in which the manufacture of composite materials is necessary, covering the entire range of stages and technologies necessary from the preparation of raw materials to the manufacture of industrial prototypes and pre-series, going through all the intermediate stages of wrapping, consolidation, machining, assembling… with levels of automation adaptable to the needs of each specific case. In short, complete process engineering for developments within the state of the art or new innovative processes.

MTorres is the perfect support for the development of projects in the manufacture of composite materials, offering a complete integrated solution from the fiber as input material to the final assembled product.


The MTorres team has extensive experience in the development of manufacturing solutions for composite components, working for multiple sectors, thanks to which we offer the solution best suited to the needs of each specific project.

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TorresTape – Dry fiber

In addition to its extensive experience in prepreg processes, MTorres develops high performance dry fiber materials for automatic lamination (AFP) and infusion and RTM applications. MTorres solutions are ideal for the efficient introduction of composites in new industrial sectors.

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Prototypes and pre-series

MTorres has a large number of technologies related to composite materials that make us the ideal partner for the manufacturing needs of prototypes and pre-series composite materials through a completely industrial process.

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Tools and molds

For more than 25 years, MTorres has developed tools and molds necessary for the processing of composite materials for a large number of projects in multiple sectors (aerospace, wind power, naval,…).

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TorresPrint3D® - Additive manufacturing

MTorres has its own patented technology for the manufacture of large components through additive manufacturing, which allows us to solve any need for large-scale tools quickly and economically.

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