Remote Services

TorresFactory Subscription Service allows you to keep track of your main performance indicators, and it provides actionable insights to gain control and drive improvements based on data captured directly from the heart of the machine. It also shows historical data, and reports can be generated for analysis purposes.

To empower problem-solving, Remote Control Monitoring also includes functions such as a self-managed alerts and customizable dashboards and displays.

  • TorresFactory has proven to be a great cost saving tool
  • Quick access to key parameters and data for troubleshooting
  • Quick response, call and connect support
  • Alerts and Working ranges to prevent mayor down times
  • Maintenance Tool, easy access to maintenance relevant indicators, such as parts life span or working parameters

Remote diagnosis & expert Support

Mtorres Remote support has gone beyond the standards of the industry, with Torresfactory Tool. 

We can support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment with services tailored to your needs - both on-site and remote. Torresfactory services brings assisted maintenance optimization to your Team, reducing overall cost and down time. Our Team will connect and support your Team with AR, without the need of any specific hardware, bring an expert to your site whenever is needed.

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Predictive Monitoring

MTorres proposes to his customers a collaborative working platform, aimed to enhancing and developing:

  • The connectivity between machines and platforms (Hardware / Software) focused on management and optimization of the means of production
  • Increase the sensorization / digitalization of the means of production
  • Through connectivity and in a secure way, to obtain valuable and real‐time information of the production resources involved in the manufacturing process
  • To structure, channel and mainly analyse and correlate the abovementioned information in order to provide added‐value actions allowing:
    • The availability of the means of production
    • Reliability
    • Production and maintenance costs searching for the highest profitability
    • Preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance and forensic analysis
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