The interface between the CAM tools and the manufacturing process is developed through the post processors. The MTORRES post-processor is powerful, easy to use and the most economical software to program our machines. Our post-processors combine post-processing, geometric verification, time estimation and path optimization/compensation in a single software

Crash simulation

MTorres has knowledge and tools for the kinematic simulation of the machine and auxiliary elements in order to detect collisions and create valid strategies in the off-line part programming process

  • CAD-CAM tools developed by Mtorres (Sw link to manufacturing) with collision simulation capabilities: Torlay, Torfiber and Tor3Dmilling
  • Creation of kinematic simulation environments with third-party tools for any process (Vericut, Delmiav5, 3DExperience)
  • Integration of collision avoidance software to avoid machine collisions (ModuleWorks)

These tools are connected to the digital twin and machine automation simulation tools

Main features

  • MTORRES provides the appropriate software to program the machines from the first moment and avoids the high annual maintenance cost of commercial software.
  • The MTORRES software development department generates improved functions for clients on demand, in order to adapt the software at all times to the needs of the production process, being able to integrate them into any CAM solution chosen by the client< /li>
  • It is possible to integrate in a single development process functions and advanced inspection functions

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