THT splicer

THT splicer

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The highest performing splicer on the market.

There are two versions of the THT splicer. The THT-90 with a splicing speed of up to 650 m/min (2130 fpm) and the THT-130 capable of working up to 1000 m/min (3280 fpm). It is ideal for paper, cardboard and other rigid materials such as paper laminates used in printing, extrusion, lamination processes, etc.

THT is suitable for working with turret and floor pick-up unwinders. In its standard configuration it includes:

Butt Splice Unit
With vertical adjustment through spindles and vacuum system that allow a simple and ergonomic preparation.

Multiple Roll Festoon
Stores enough paper to feed the line during the splicing process, without the need to reduce the working speed. In many applications, carbon fiber rolls are used to reduce inertia of the system.

Possibility of working with up to 130 meters of stored paper to be spliced ​​at 1,000 mpm.

Pull and Brake
Controls web tension throughout the entire unwinding process. To control the band tension even when unwinding until the end of the paper.

Dancer Roll
Located at the festoon exit, the dancer works in conjunction with the Pull and Brake to maintain constant web tension throughout the unwinding process.

Motorized Photocells
Several sets of motorized photoeyes are included on the THT.  The first set ensures that the new reel is aligned with the running web.  A second set is to signal a web break. Finally, a third photoeye provides a visual guide for the operator to quickly and accurately prepare the splice.

Remaining Paper Clamp
Holds and removes the paper tail that remains when running paper “off the core.”

Aluminum Platform
Allows access for maintenance to the main parts of the machine.

THT Settings Improvement area
Auto preparation system Automatic splice preparation robotic system Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Band Aligner Band Alignment Process quality
reel alignment system in preparation Automatic alignment system for the preparation reel Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
System for alignment of the preparation band System to help the alignment of the preparation band Process quality
System for alignment of the reel at work Automatic reel alignment system during work Process quality
Special rollers Special rollers for adaptation to demanding belts Process quality / coverage range
Lanes reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Advanced reel management Accumulation and handling of reels waiting for preparation Process efficiency - productivity/ ergonomics
Elevator - Peeler reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Other cone diameters cones customization
Cone Adapters cones customization
Set of finished mandrel baskets Set of removable baskets for collecting finished mandrels for evacuation by the operator ergonomics
"Factory Towers" Operational availability monitoring and improvement tool for productivity improvement Process efficiency - productivity
Rockwell Platform control customization
USA Regulations Regulations customization
MT unwind tests Tests Optimization
Other non-CE language Documentation customization
Imperial unit of measure Documentation customization
Recommended Spares Pack Spare parts Process maintainability / efficiency
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You will find all the technical information specified in the product sheet.

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