CTS Splicer

High performance and reliability with very low maintenance.

Dual Splice Unit
Dual preparation and splice station, and horizontal movement to move to the different splice preparation positions. Versions for butt (edge ​​to edge) and overlap splicing (without tail) are available.

Vacuum Splice Preparation
Vacuum system for speed splice preparation, with different settings depending on the paper basis weight.

Photocells for Splicing
Allows emergency splices to be made at the end of the reel, initiating the splicing cycle automatically in the event of a web break or the end of paper.

Web Tension Regulation
Dancer roll activated by two pneumatic cylinders and electronic position control. It is also used on the Model CTS-E.

Based on classical mechanical principles, it improves reliability in splicing with low grammage paper and it is essential for splicing with photocells at the end of the reel.

The most used on the market with thousands of units installed worldwide.

Control Panel

The operation panel with centralized controls facilitates the execution and control of operations.
The touch screen is the optional help element, which allows total control of it and is installed as standard in the CTS model -E.
Through a password you can access parameters that facilitate machine maintenance.
All splicer models have side controls for reel preparation.

Electric cabinet

Depending on the machine type, these can be controlled by relays, in the most basic versions, or by different PLC models. Complex calculation functions can be carried out in order to control the brake correctly. In higher versions of the series you will be able to communicate with our technicians via modem for machine supervision with no need to arrange any travelling.

CTS-E Settings Improvement Area
External Pull and Brake Unwinder web tension isolation - process Process quality
Reel Alignment Web Alignment Process quality
Special rollers Adaptation to demanding webs Process quality / coverage range
Flywheel Support system for warehouse exit in splice sequence Process quality
Heating resistors Splice preparation Process quality
Butt Splice Butt splice Process quality
Automatic splicing (scrap reduction system) By meters / Diameter – remainder < 5 m + HMI Scrap reduction / savings / process efficiency
Siemens HMI Ergonomics
Motor unwinding Unwind Control Process quality / maintainability / energy saving
Auto load / unload Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Conveyors Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Core finder Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Lifting - Peeling Reel handling Process efficiency - productivity / ergonomics
Other core diameters Cores Customization
Core Adapters Cores Customization
Rockwell Platform Control Customization
UL Regulations Regulations Customization
MT unwind tests Tests Optimization
Other non-CE language Documentation Customization
Imperial unit of measure Documentation Customization
Recommended Spares Package Spare parts Process maintainability / efficiency




You will find all the technical information specified in the product catalogue.

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