Holding applications for wet trimming

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Turning an idea into reality

TORRESTOOL is a support concept based on the fakir bed, where a set of supports hold a part in space, using vacuum cups. This set of supports can be adapted to any geometry of the part and can be mount in different configurations: 1-axis (movement on one axis), 3-axis (drives mounted on carriages with XYZ movement), V-shaped, circular, vertical and horizontal layout, …

The TORRESTOOL can work, depending on the model, with dry or wet machining and in high load applications.

The TORRESTOOL is the ideal flexible tool for machining, edging and laser scribing applications.

Invented by Mtorres to offer the Client the greatest Flexibility

The modular concept of TORRESTOOL® is made up of several cars that move in the direction of the X axis, with different supports per car, that move in the Z and Y axes. Each support rod has a self-adjusting feature at a 45° tilt with the vacuum support cup on top.In certain applications we find a parts clamp instead.

The TORRESTOOL® is controlled from a PC, from which all the part programs are downloaded to the multi-axis controlled system developed by MTORRES in order to activate the process repositioning of the TORRESTOOL®.

Holding applications for wet trimming

By integrating the TORRESTOOL® with TORRESMILL®, TORRESDRILL or TORRESLASER®, the system provides the highest level of flexibility in milling, drilling or laser cutting operations, gradually reducing the changeover time from one part configuration to another to a maximum of two minutes.

All support rods with vacuum cups or clamps move simultaneously in the X/Y/Z axes and automatically lock in their respective end positions. The TORRESTOOL® universal clamping devices are available in different configurations: horizontal, vertical, circular, 3 axis, single axis, etc. and in any size necessary to integrate with other MTORRES equipment.

The movements are driven by servomotors and controlled by NC. Ground guides, rack and pinion systems, and ball systems are used to drive the shafts. The TORRESTOOL® is supplied with a sophisticated embedded execution software package (HMI) to allow maximum ease of use and maintenance, offer self-diagnostic routines, etc.

Optionally, the post-processor for TORRESTOOL® equipment can be supplied in order to generate the parts program. Applications are machining, assembly, laser tracing, etc.

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