Ultrasonic composite cutting machine - TORRESPANEX

Specially designed for high speed cutting of aircraft components

The torsion-free lightweight and robust gantry concept allows the machine to provide maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest forward speeds.

An ultrasonic cutting system provides the appropriate high-frequency vibration capabilities for optimal cutting conditions and maximum feed rates. The well-proven modular machine system is the basis for each individual application.

The gantry cutting machines of TORRESPANEX are built in various sizes to meet the requirements and specifications of the client. An automatic tool changer is optionally available for the use of different SONOTRODES, as well as part labeling capabilities.

DATA: Ultrasonic cutting technology is widely used in the aerospace industry to manufacture carbon fiber components.
The machine can also include a vacuum table to support the component to be cut or a conveyor belt to facilitate the loading/unloading of the piece.

Applications may include net cutting of contoured composite fuselage panels, wing skins, composite structures, frames, stringers, etc.

Ultrasonic cutting of difficult angles
The TORRESPANEX ultrasonic cutting machine achieves really acute cutting angles, which allows the user to cut directly into the solid laminate to obtain noodles for the manufacture of stringers and similar components. This cutting technology is also suitable for cutting honeycomb cores to final shape.

Settings Options

As per customer specifications

Automatic Sonotrode changer

2D & 3D cutting

Automatic cutter change and calibration system
Straight and bevel cut Cutter break detection system
Cutting speed up to 60m/min Labeling system
Integrated with vacuum table 2D Rototranslation system
Integrated with other layup technologies (ATL & AFP) Vacuum table mapping sensor
Conveyor table
Nesting Software
MTorres post-processor
Production support service
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You will find all the technical information specified in the product sheet.

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