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TORRESLASER is a high-speed, high-precision machine for cutting maskant, a process prior to chemical milling. TORRESLASER has a wide variety of configurations, from gantry, mobile crossbeam, column.

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The proven, rigid, torsion-free gantry or column concept enables the machine to provide maximum acceleration/deceleration at the highest forward speeds.

A low power CO2 laser resonator built into the machine provides the right power, mode and beam quality for optimal maskant cutting and highest feed rates.

MTorres has held a position of absolute leadership in laser cutting maskant for chemical machining for two decades.

TORRESLASER® gantry-type laser machines are manufactured in different sizes to respond to customer needs.

The most flexible solution for machining parts is the integration of TORRESLASER® with the flexible tooling system TORRESTOOL ®.

In order to minimize commissioning time and the risk of collisions, the TORRESLASER® system can be supplied with simulation software. Optionally, the postprocessor for both the TORRESLASER® and the TORRESTOOL® can be supplied with the in order to generate the parts program.

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You will find all the technical information specified in the product sheet.

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