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People Management Policy

Innovation, commitment and team work.

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People Management Policy

MTorres is an organization that succeeds thanks to its employees. That’s why it needs to rely on capable and motivated team members who are committed to the company’s culture and mission.

With this in mind, the following policies have been established for the organization as a whole as a benchmark for people management:

  • Select, recruit and retain the best professionals who are willing to share our mission and values.
  • Develop an organizational culture and working environment in which health and safety is held as the primary concern for any activity or decision.
  • Consolidate an organization in which clear and fluid communications help support the integration of each team member and their engagement with the company.
  • Effectively invest in professional development and help to improve our team’s technical and management expertise.
  • Regularly assess the professional performance of each team member to ensure that their work is coherent with the company’s targets, as well as to identify opportunities for professional development.
  • Fair and competitive remuneration, seeking to recognize each team member’s efforts and performance.
  • Prioritize internal promotion as far as possible, based on performance, professional competence, development potential and commitment to the business project.

The entire organization is duty-bound to implement these policies and assume the commitments inherent to them.