Paper Converting

Roll Transport Systems


Clean and effective conveyor system able to accumulate heavy rolls and carry them to the unwinding station. Also extra track for ‘set-up’ rolls is available.



Lifting table

Mesa elevadora

Able to work with TTW unwind for automatic chucking of rolls. Wide bed and elevations will be adapted to the roll dimensions. Mobile lifting table is also available with the capacity of sliding movement so that it takes the roll from the conveyor to the unwinding station and lifts for automatic roll chucking.

Unwrapping station (lifting & peeling)

Estación de limpieza de bobinas

By means of a lifting and rotary movement, this system allows the operator to clean and remove protections and defective layers in a fast, easy and secure way. The activation of the lifting and rotation movements is carried out by means of pedals installed on the floor, ergonomically close to the station.


Lifting tracks

Carril elevador

Can be incorporated to move the rolls over the loading or unloading area.

Tilting systems

Sistemas de volteo

Can be incorporated to move the rolls over the loading or unloading area.

Roll storage ramps & roll bumpers

Rampas de almacenaje de bobinas

Allow automatic roll feeding to the conveyors lines. The roll bumpers will stop the roll coming from the previous position of the ramp or from downender and place on the next position. Step by step the roll is placed onto the conveyor system (i.e. onto the unwrapping station).

Turning table

Mesa giratoria

Able to turn rolls and change their trajectory. Range of turning 360º.