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We contribute to achieve the highest efficiency.


We count on a high qualified technical work team, able to understand your needs and to give a suitable response in each case.



MTorres can take their commitment “to the bank” – does what they say they will do.



We are very satisfied with MTorres technical service


Your strongest point is the reliability of MTorres Machinery and your Field Service Personnel


The engineer is a very competent person and has been available to deal with all the problems that have arisen.

Smurkit Kappa Italia

The  technician was well received in Devizes and we would be pleased to see him again"

DS Smith Packaging

After 15 years service our Torres splicers are still working to a very good standard causing very few problems”

Encase ltd

Service carried out to a high standard and the engineer involved was very helpful with a lot of knowledge"

Tullis Russell


For more information about our the services available from our Converting Division you can contact us at:

Technical Service                


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We contribute to achieve the highest efficiency


MTorres provides a vast variety of services to contribute to achieve the highest efficiency in their processes, based on the maintenance of its equipment in optimal conditions, operation, programming and maintenance staff training, spare parts management and permanent surveillance of improvements to be applied to its machines and systems.

Installation and start-up   Spare Parts   Scheduled maintenance   Breakdown


Spare Parts



MTorres has technical staff who can install and commission our equipment.  We can offer everything from basic installation supervision to full turn-key installs.
Our team will help you to define your optimal recommended spare parts stock and will provide the spare parts whenever they are needed.

We help you to define the Maintenance Program for your equipment, carry out the scheduled and periodic operations you need. We also have maintenance agreements to guarantee and ensure the execution of this maintenance program.


We count on specialized technicians, who will immediately move to your facilities to solve any type of breakdown that may arise in your machines & systems.


Training   Audits / Retrofits   Teleservice    




We consider the training of our customers an essential issue to guarantee the highest efficiency in their processes.
To this effect, we provide a variety of training programs addressed to different people (production operators, maintenance operators, management staff…) with theorical-practical balanced contents, adapted for each case.
If you need to extend the life of your equipment, improve its performance, quality, or adapt them to comply with certain regulations, we can perform technical audits on them to assess its current situation and propose necessary actions to achieve its goals. Our technicians can help you via remote assistance, minimizing the response time and the costs. This assistance can be made by phone or even by remote connection to the PLC in your machine.  


Paper Converting FAQS

Do I have to provide resources or does MTorres offer technical services?

We can provide almost any installation, start-up and technical services that you will need.  Anything from remote monitoring and process control, to turnkey delivery including all necessary human and material resources can be arranged. Contact us to arrange the solution that best suits your needs.

What languages will service personnel be able to offer?

All our technical field service staff is bilingual in Spanish and English. We also have specialists with technical mastery of other languages such as French and Italian.

Where are technicians and service personnel located?

We have technicians located permanently in Spain and the United States as well as a small staff in Germany. Our team travels extensively throughout the world and we make every effort to combine service routes to optimize client visits.  This allows our clients to benefit from a lower cost of travel expenses and allows our technicians more time offering services and less time traveling.

What equipment do I need in order to receive support through the internet?

Your machine requires a PLC (which is included with all of our modern designs) and standard networking hardware along with access to an active internet connection in order for our team to connect to your equipment remotely. If your machine is running legacy equipment we can offer you a retrofit package in order to modernize your system and then offer remote support.

Where can I receive training for MTorres’ designs?

MTorres has performed training in numerous production facilities throughout the world.  We can also offer some initial training in our offices and factories prior to machine installation to ensure rapid startup and a quick learning curve.  Our recommendation is for you to receive the majority of your training in your facilities on your own equipment.  We can also customize a training program with your exact agenda and allow your operators and maintenance personnel to practice on their own equipment.

Does my machine meet all regional rules and regulations?

We construct all of our current machines to comply with the rigid standards of CE and all of the current directives according to the European Commission.  If you are running one of our legacy machines or you have recently purchased MTorres equipment on the second hand market, we can audit the systems to assess compliance with certain standards.  In most instances we can make the necessary changes needed in order to achieve compliance with regional rules.

What kind of planned maintenance schedule should I maintain?

We can help you to design a preventative maintenance schedule to meet your company’s and your equipment’s exact needs.  Our staff can do anything from simply recommending a maintenance plan to establishing annually contracted services performed by our technicians and specialists.  MTorres can also manage the training and certification of your staff ensure compliance to your regional and corporate regulations.

Can you provide me MTorres used machinery?

Although it is not our main business puntually we can have some equipment.
Please contact our sales department for more information.

Can MTorres install or implement used machinery?

If you have purchased used equipment we can help in both the installation and commissioning of used machinery.  In many instances we can also recommended upgrades and retrofits in order to improve the performance of your machinery.