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CTS Series Splicers
Unit with a double preparation and splice station, and horizontal movement to be moved to the various preparation positions.
Máquina Torres CTS yeso
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High performance and reliability with low maintenance.

Splice unit
Unit with a double preparation and splice station, and horizontal movement to be moved to the various preparation positions. Versions for overlap splice (without tail) and butt splice.

Vacuum splice preparation
Vacuum system for quick splice preparation, with various configurations depending on the paper grades.

Photocells splice triggering
It allows emergency splice triggering at the end of the roll, initiating the splice cycle automatically in case of paper web break or running off the core.

Web tension regulation
Dancer roller activated by 1 hydro pneumatic cylinder, used in the model CTS-B.
Dancer roller activated by 2 pneumatic cylinder and electronic position control; this is the system used in the Model CTS-E.

DATA:  The most reliable splicer in the market with thousands of units installed all over the world.

Control panel
The control panel with centralized controls facilitates the splicer operation and the visualization of the unwinding process.
The touch screen is an optional element in the CTS-E model, which allows complete control of the splicer from it and also provides information about the unwinding.
Access by password for maintenance operations and parameters settings.
All splicer models have lateral controls for the preparation of the rolls.

Electric control cabinet
Depending on the type of machine, the control can be by means of relays, in the most basic versions, or by various PLC models, with which complicated calculation functions can be made with a view to the correct brake control. In more sophisticated versions of the series it is possible to communicate via a modem to supervise the machine by our technicians without the need to travel


Main feature

Tradition and Innovation

Its traditional mechanical construction is maintained being enhanced with the latest developments in electronic technology.

Types of CTS series Splicers

  • 3 different versions easily upgradeable to increase speed and performance.


  • Basic model.
  • Manual brake control.
  • Recommended for low line speed installations.


  • Advanced brake control.
  • Recommended for medium line speed installations.
  • Automatic web tension control.



  • Electronic brake control system.
  • Latest PLC Version.
  • Automatic web tension control.


Splice, Load and Unload

  • Automatic splice.
  • Stop time 0 sec.
  • Splice speed up to 100m/min (330 fpm).
  • Automatic core unloading.


  • Speed 
    Up to 700 m/min., 2,300 pfm.
  • Peso bobinas
    Reel Weight
    Up to 4.000 kg., 8800 lb.
  • Diámetro
    Max. Reel Diameter
    Generally 12", 16", 24" ó 32".

  • Paper width
    2.850 mm., 112".


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