Wind Energy




For a sustainable future based on innovation


M.Torres Desarrollos Energéticos S.L. (MTDE) was established in 2003 with objectives characterized by the following activities:

  • Planning, procurement, construction and operation of facilities for producing electricity from wind energy, within the context of an industrial project intended for the development of state-of-art technology wind turbine with direct drive and multipolar synchronous generator.
  • Implementation of research and development activities within the wind energy technology and field of application.

Currently MTDE continues to develop wind projects, enabling the installation or demonstration of innovative technology developed by the MTorres Group, with the goal of reducing overall generation costs, and with the strong belief that wind power can be more competitive in relation to other traditional sources of energy generation.


  • Site prospection and wind resource measurement and analysis, as well as wind farm design considering the different technologies and wind turbine equipment available from the market.

  • Development and coordination of project permitting, from the first site visit to the commercial operation of the wind farm, including technical and environmental tasks, documentation management, keeping close follow up and relationships with local partners and coops, landowners as well as public entities, up to a successful project implementation.

  • Search of financing as well as construction management of the wind farm, including engineering, procurement and construction of the project and project management.


Operation and monitoring of the production and maintenance of wind turbines through a remote system for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition of wind farms (SCADA), including:
  • Monitoring and control of wind turbines in real time.
  • Monitoring of electrical substations and meteorological towers.
  • Historical data management and reporting tools which allows a comprehensive analysis of the different parameters as well as wind turbines behaviour.
  • Integration within other SCADA systems by the means of standard protocols (OPC).


The scope of the area for wind farm development and operation began primarily in Navarre province, Spain, where the MTorres Group has developed, installed and put into successful commercial operation eight experimental wind farms, resulting in a total installed power of 45 MW, of which 35MW are located in Navarre, and a 10MW wind farm is located in Medina del Campo, Valladolid province.

Thanks to other lines of work undertaken, the company also has presence in Navarre, Castile and Leon, with very advanced projects at the administrative level, and having participated in the lasts autonomic contests of Galicia and Aragon, among others.


We understand the development and operation of wind farms as an activity that enables the creation of wealth, combined with progress in knowledge through research and development demonstrator activities, moving towards models that maximize the wind power generation optimizing its integration through the electric system.

  • One of the benefits of the wind resource is that enables distributed generation, decentralized and closer to the consumer endpoints.

  • Wind energy allows a greater involvement of local communities, allowing also a better distribution of the wealth generated from the wind resource.

  • In addition, it also provides an opportunity for continuing efforts in the progress of technology that will enable to achieve higher levels of efficiency and integration.

We believe that working according to these premises, wind energy may be the most competitive from a holistic point of view or internalizing all direct and indirect costs, as well as a sustainable energy system.



MTDE human team has extensive experience in the development, construction and operation of wind farms, including the following areas:

  • Site Prospection

  • Wind Resource Analysis, through studies and analysis with software tools, as Wasp and WindFarmer, and wind resource data.

  •  Pre-feasibility studies.

  • Management and permitting of the project technically, environmental and at administratively, to obtain all permits and licenses required to implementation.

  • Operating, maintenance and monitoring of the efficient operation of wind farms.