Paper Converting
Automatic Web Splicing Rewinder
A fully integrated rewinding solution which delivers increased productivity and flexibility to your converting line
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Rewinding perfect quality using automatic web splicer rewinder


Optional features

  • Automatic core Handling System (different options)
  • Automatic Roll unloading (lifting table)
  • Roll Ejector Conveyor
  • Automatic Core Feeding
  • Automatic Glue Application (Hot melt)
  • Safety PLC, Drives, Controls: Rockwell
  • Web Guide: web alignment before winding
  • Pull & Break Unit: web tension control before winding
  • Other Customized Items


Automatic Web Splicing Rewinder

The Torres Turret High Speed Rewinder, is a shaftless system for rewinding paper, paperboard and coated materials, and includes automatic roll transfer. This rewinder is available for a wide range of roll sizes.

The TTR-WINDER utilizes center driven technology for building roll hardness. Depending on the roll width, speed, diameter and weight, the TTR-WINDER will be equipped with one or two motors at each station. This motor is responsible for generating the proper rewinding tension. The TTR-WINDER also has a nip roller in contact with the paper being rewound. The nip roller guarantees that the material being rewound is perfectly aligned. A Taper Control System is utilized for tension control which is critical for building a well-wound, hard roll.

Although there are two stations, the unloading of rolls is performed from a fixed position. A dancer roller located prior to the rewinder guarantees accurate web tension control.

An operator-friendly main HMI allows complete interaction between the machine and operator. The HMI incorporates diagnostic information for any faults, and makes preventive maintenance simple, reducing unexpected downtime and increasing machine availability. 

The high speed TTR-WINDER rewinder is ideal for many applications and processes such as coating, printing, laminating, etc.

The latest safety and control technology have been incorporated into the design, enabling quick and easy integration with other control systems, whether it is a new installation or an upgrade.

The TTR-WINDER is available in different sizes, automation levels and with different options, to ensure the best adaptation to the specific needs of each customer.  

Rewind options ensure compatibility to wind a wide range of substrates.


Main feature

Rewinding perfect quality

 Rewinding perfect quality, without lateral movement (telescopic reels), high tension rewinding (resulting in hard reels for problem free transportation or storage), perfect rewinding start without "overlap" on core, no wrinkles during the entire rewinding process, paper tail control after splicing to avoid movement or damage.


TTR-Winder_MTorres Paper Converting

Standard Features

  • Automatic Transfer System (splice)
  • Pneumatic Nip Loading
  • Dancer Tension Control with Tapered Tension
  • Roll Handling: Shaftless System
  • Nip Roller:  lay on roller
  • Safety PLC, Controls :   Siemens  
  • Colour Touch Screen Operator Panel: 12'' Siemens
  • Drives: Sinamics (Siemens)
  • Remote Access: Modem Connection
  • Paper grades: Wide range of paper basis weights available
  • Roll Diameter: 1520 -1830 mm (60’’ –72'')
  • Web Width: Up to 2540 mm (100'')
  • High rewinding speed over 500 mpm (1640 fpm)
  • High Web transfer speed over 500 mpm (1640 fpm)


  • Max. Splice speed
    Up to 600 mpm, 2,000 fpm
  • Diámetro
    Max. Reel Diameter
    Up to 2.185 mm, 86''

  • Paper Width
    Up to 2.540 mm, 100''



EnYou'll find all the technical information specified in the product catalogue. 


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