Paper Converting
Innovative engineering in automatic web splicing


The first rewinder with a new contactless pendulum cutting system. Do you want to see how it works?

Optional Features

  • Extra Frame Length (different lengths)
  • Edge / Trim cutting
  • Roll unloading with cylinders
  • Automatic Shaft Core Extractor (different options)
  • Automatic Shaft Handling System (different options)
  • Automatic Core Feeding
  • Automatic glue application (Hotmelt)
  • PLC, Drives, Controls: Rockwell
  • Dancer Tension Contorl with Tapered Tension
  • Web guide: Before the Drum
  • Nip Roller: Web against the Drum
  • Pull&Break unit: Before the Drum


Automatic Web Splicing

The TORRESWINDER, a high speed winder, is suitable for paper and paperboard and it is available for a wide range of roll sizes.

This utilizes the Pressure Drum Nip as the basic principle of how to build roll hardness. The TORRESWINDER has a motorized drum and responsive adjustable nip pressure system, which allows good hardness control throughout the winding process, ensuring high quality rolls. 

The operator-friendly main HMI allows complete interaction between the machine and operator. It incorporates diagnostic information for any faults, and makes preventive maintenance simple, reducing unexpected downtime and increasing machine availability. 

DATA:  The first rewinder with a new contactless pendulum cutting system increases the life of the knife. 

The TORRESWINDER is ideal for many applications and processes such as coating and printing.

The latest safety and control technology has been incorporated into the design, enabling quick and easy integration with other control systems, whether it is a new installation or an upgrade. TORRESWINDER runs the MTorres web tension control system based on AC motor center driven unwinding, which guarantees a constant web tension for high quality production in the most demanding processes.

The option of extending the frame length permits two maximum diameter rolls to be handled simultaneously in a high speed winding application; one in the unloading position and one in the winding position. 

The TORRESWINDER is available in different sizes and automation levels and with different options to ensure the best fit to the specific needs of each customer.  

Upstream web tension control is one of the different options available in order to offer complete Winding control. 


Main feature

Rewinding perfect quality

Rewinding perfect quality, without lateral movement (telescopic reels), high tension rewinding (resulting in hard reels that do not create any problems when transporting or storing), perfect rewinding start without "overlap" on core, no wrinkles during the entire rewinding process, paper tail control after splicing avoiding movement or damage.  

Standard features

  • Automatic Web Transfer System (splice)
  • Contactless Cutting System
  • Hydraulic Nip Loading
  • Nip Loading: 0 kg - 15 000 kg (0 lbs - 33 000 lbs) 
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Brake (Drum)
  • Roll Stop: Brake clamps
  • Roll Handling: Hydraulic Lifting Table
  • PLC: Siemens CPU 315F-2PN/DP
  • Operator Panel: 12'' Siemens Color Touch Screen
  • Drives: Sinamics (Siemens)
  • Remote Access: Modem Connection
  • Single Drum Surface Winder
  • Application: Paper-Paperboard
  • Paper Grades: 50 - 500 gsm (30-305# / 3000 ft2)
  • Roll Diameter: Up to 2185 mm (87'')
  • Web Width: Up to 2540 mm (100'')
  • Max. Roll Weights: 8.000 kg (17,600 lbs)
  • Shafted System: 152 mm (6'') Pneumatic Expandable (others available)
  • Web Tension Range: 200 - 3 000 N (44-660 lbs.)
  • Winding Speed: Up to 800 m/min (2 600 fpm)
  • Web Transfer (splice): Up to 800 m/min (2 600 fpm)


  • Max. Splice speed
    Up to 800 mpm, 2,625 fpm

  • Max. Working speed
    Up to 800 mpm, 2,625 fpm


  • Diámetro
    Max. Reel Diameter
    Up to 2.185 mm, 86''

  • Paper Width
    Up to 2.800 mm, 110''


You'll find all the technical information specified in the product catalog.


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