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For this reason, the key component of our structure is our own specialised engineering capacity.

The high quality and uniqueness of our developments and products to solve the specific and definite problems of our customers are our symbols of identity in the market. 80% of our customers have continuously acquired their solutions throughout time and very significant international firms systematically consult us on how to solve the specific problems they may find. Therefore, currently, this Group has managed its products to be present in over 70 countries with more than 650 customers. Traditionally, the greatest M.Torres’s presence may be found in the countries and customers with the highest quality and technology requirements.

Creative and cooperative capacities, as well as the ability to solve new problems with a comprehensive view, are very decisive values to our employees’ assessment and progression; this implies the company’s commitment to encourage a high level of communication and the acknowledgement of contribution to the common interest.

A lot of resources are exclusively and permanently dedicated to research, development and innovation, as well as support or partially dedicated personnel and numerous external collaborators. The total amount of expenses allocated to this chapter adds up to 15% of the turnover. The M.Torres Groups has a clear spirit for growth and expansion, as proven by the fact that all its economic results have been re-invested in it throughout its history. From the beginning, the Group refused to distribute dividends in order to increase its technological resources and activities, which enabled to allocate such a significant amount to this activity.