NT Técnicos La Promesa Del Entrenador

Mechatronic Ants
Esta equipo ha conseguido ser el primer equipo europeo y tercero del mundo en Comportamiento del Robot

1) The participants always come first. FLL’s goal is to have fun. Everything my team does will begin and end with this principle.


2) The participants do the work. It is their opportunity to learn and to grow. Adults can help, but it is the youngsters themselves who do all programming, research, problem solving and construction.


3) My team has a maximum of 10 members (with these members participating in only one team), and it is registered as an official FLL team. Team members must be younger than 16 years on 31 December in the year the challenge is completed.


4) FLL will communicate with my team mainly by email, provided with the team registration. It is my responsibility to read and pass on any aspect of the FLL guidelines and rules to my team, the other coaches, volunteers and parents.


5) Encourage my team members, the other coaches, volunteers, parents and supporters of the team, to develop and implement the values of the FIRST LEGO League’s goals, in fostering a positive culture; inspiring others through the actions and achievements of our team.