NT Técnicos - Director Técnico

José Manuel González Sesma
José Manuel coordina a los entrenadores y asesores de los cuatro equipos de la empresa

José Manuel González Sesma is the Director of the Aeronautics Engineering Division in the company. He set up the children’s group scarcely 2 years ago and, in this short space of time, the team has achieved a number of important goals. The key factors are the willingness and performance of the youngsters throughout their training; the readiness of the company to provide whatever it needs for its ‘junior team’; the dedication of the coach in his spare time after work; and the application of the philosophy of the company – under the direction of José Manuel - regarding its engineering work applied to robots: their robustness and reliability.


It’s important for the coach to spend time with each individual team member; to explain how each has contributed to the team, and remind each of their grand ideas, the problems they have solved, the way each has helped his team mates and the things they have learned during their training. This is the most important job of a coach. The coach should explain to the group how their achievements as a team are special, innovative or unique; and to specify the things they did that changed their way of thinking about these goals. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words, but it’s important that the team understands what the training has meant for the coach. Finally, the coach should congratulate himself. He has influenced the lives of these youngsters and has expanded their horizons. Congratulations to him on a job well done.


The coach has a decisive role to play in the success of the team; he has to promote teamwork and create a team spirit. He should also act as a mediator and observe what is happening within the group.


The basic mission of the coach is to accompany the process. He mustn’t take things too seriously; he has to enjoy the process of learning and smooth over any conflicts. Similarly, it’s essential to build trust and mutual respect to succeed in the different tasks proposed.


The important thing is to learn. The First Lego League can only be a truly valuable experience if the team members have a sense of achievement and are proud of finding their own solutions and of working together. Experiment with your team, and stress at all times that there is always more than one possible solution to a problem.


The main thing is that everything the team has discovered and learned through the FLL experience stays with them for life. The goal is for the coach to help youngsters enjoy constructing and to learn about real-life problems. Everyone who participates is a winner.