After the death of Manuel Torres, our founder, President and colleague, last November 5th, we have received a great number of messages of affection and fondness, which have confirmed to us the humanity and closeness Manuel Torres displayed in his personal relationships.

There have been so many displays of fondness and affection towards our President, so highly sincere and deep demonstrations, that we believe we must send our condolences to all the social environment he created and nurtured with his relationships, always so close and humane. We are extremely grateful for your messages and remain united in the grief resulting from his departure.


Certainly, it is clear that Manuel Torres has been an international inspiration over the last 45 years, both on the technological and the business side. He was a visionary, an entrepreneur with a great deal of vitality in the constant search of new challenges. All of this, along with a profound personal and humane integrity, full of unwavering values and principles which have been honoured with various recognized awards, the most appreciated prize being your endearing words towards himself and his Company.


Those who worked with him and those who didn’t, knew him as a faithful companion with an admirable driving force who pursued his dreams and fought to better society.


Now we are left with the challenge of following the path he has staked out and illuminated for us, as well as give a response to his legacy. We will follow in his footsteps and he will be with us in this new phase.


Always in our hearts, with great admiration, pride and the greatest respect.


His family and colleagues.