The group has invested during last year 12 millions euros both in R & D and production investments

The president of Navarre, Yolanda Barcina, has inaugurated this morning in the facilities of MTorres group in Torres de Elorz, an R & D laboratory for composites and an assembly hall. The opening ceremony was also attended by the president of the organization, Mr. Manuel Torres.

Along 2011, this business group has invested six million euros in R & D and six million more in productive investments, being among the most significant the new assembly hall and the R & D laboratory for composite materials which have now been inaugurated. These investments have led to an increase of 42 people in the workforce, 80% of them with a graduate level.

The MTorres group employs 490 people, 350 of them in Navarre. In terms of sales, 55% are carried in Europe, 20% in USA and the remaining 25% in Asia. Moreover, since the First Technological Plan of Navarre was launched in 2000,  the local government has supported it with different R & D projects with over 3,700,000 euros, and has offered different grants to the competitiveness and investment worth of 327,000 euros in the last 15 years.

The opening ceremony held this morning has been attending, among other authorities, by the Director of Rural Development, Industry, Employment and Environment Office, Lourdes Goicoechea; General Director of the Enterprise and Innovation Office, Jorge San Miguel; the president of the Confederation of Employers of Navarre, Jose Antonio Sarria; and the Archbishop of Pamplona and Bishop of Tudela, Francisco Perez, who blessed the expansion of the facilities of the company.

After the event, the attendees have seen the operation of the automatic tape layer machine Torresfiberlayup for the production of carbon fiber skins aircraft. They also visited the First Lego League training room and other facilities of the company.

An example for many entrepreneurs

During her speech, the president of Navarra, Yolanda Barcina, was satisfied to inaugurated the extension of the facilities of a private company as an example of the impulse of many entrepreneurs of Navarre that, despite the current economic uncertain situation, are working  to diversify and internationalize their production.

Also, regarding the new laboratory, Yolanda Barcina indicated that investment in R + D in Navarre has always been located in high values, 1.97% of GDP in recent years, and that 65% of it comes from private industry.

The president, who also had words for Manuel Torres, highlighted the commitment made to promote and instill from an early age the passion for research, experimentation and innovation through initiatives such as its partnership with the First Lego League robotics tournament for High School students.

Manuel Torres has performed an analysis of the current economic crisis and expressed the need to harness these uncertain times, challenges and opportunities to become stronger. Torres remembered that his company last year invested 12 million euros and he expects to double its turnover to 200 million by 2015. He also referred during his speech to the strategic plan of the company according to which growth is based on the enhancement of human capital by creating new employment, the maintenance of financial stability, intensifying investments in R & D & i, and productive investments in Spain and United States.

An R & D laboratory to produce carbon fiber

The R & D laboratory for composite materials is called 'clean room'. This is a temperature, humidity and particulate pollutants controlled room. It also has got a filter that cleans the air of unwanted particles.

All of this is necessary to ensure that the production of carbon fiber parts is controlled and contamination that may cause defects in the manufactured part is not produced.

The machine installed in the room and its characteristics  allows MTorres to develop different tests and continue with the investigation of solutions of different materials and manufacturing processes, knowing beforehand the results obtained in subsequent aircraft certification process carried out by customers.

Also in that space it has also been installed an automatic fiberplacement layer machine, completely developed by MTorres to investigate new materials and production processes in the aviation industry and in other sectors such as wind energy and automotive.