MTorres selected by Airbus as its only source to suply Automatic Tape Layer Machines (ATL), TORRESLAYUP, to different Airbus plants, to support the A-350 XWB production needs.

The multiyear contract covers for all the Tape Laying needs of Airbus and risk sharing partners, for A-350XWB and all other programs, through 2012 and possibly extension to 2.014. It makes MTorres company the only source of Tape Laying Technology for Airbus and risk sharing partners for the duration of the contract.

The agreement covers for different size and configuration machines to manufacture the wing and stabilizers skins, stringers and spars, as well as fuselage stringers and other carbon fibre components.

Automatic Tape Laying Technology has been identified by Airbus as the most efficient and productive way to lay up the large amount of carbon fibre needed to build such large components, as the ones used for the A350 XWB.

This agreements strengths even further the already well established position of the M. Torres Company, as a world’s leading supplier of highly advanced Composite Manufacturing Equipment for the Aerospace Industry.

Both, its Automatic Tape Layer Machine, TORRESLAYUP, and the Automatic Fibre Placement Machine, TORRESFIBERLAYUP, are well proven and known as highly productive lamination equipment.

Some of these products have been successfully used in the industry for years, in all major aircraft programs.