New Talents
They also obtained the first European place and the best fifth position of the world during the table robot missions competition.


Mechatronic Ants, a First Lego League team formed by the children of M.Torres’ employees, has got the World Champion Award in the Most Innovative Solution of Scientific Project Category. This year FLL main issue was Senior Solutions, dedicated to improve the quality of life of elderly people. This team represented Spain in the German city of Paderborn where they presented a project to assist in driving. According to the international jury's decision, "the team considered all factors in the loss of concentration while driving and invented a warning system to help people while doing that activity"


With a total of 56 teams from the five continents, Mechatronic Ants also got the first European place and the best fifth position of the world during the table robot missions competition. They could not improve the third place that they got last year - after two performances that did not show the excellent results obtained during their trainings, those things that sometimes happen during a competition.


The first place in the most innovative solution has an extra importance because it is a new development project with real and effective application in our society, in this case improving driving quality for elderly people.


Amaia Flores, Leyre González, Ángela Saralegui, Maider Colio, Imanol Flores, Alberto Pezonaga, Pablo Aragón, Javier Redondo, Pablo Subirán and their captain, Miguel Lucas, have lifted the appreciated yellow cup with coach Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sesma and monitors Edurne Murugarren, Joaquín Arellano, Joseba Guisasola and Guillermo Gomez.


The main Mechatronic Ants key lies in the bond between the team members, both players and coaches. Apart from the last three people who joined the team this year, the rest of the members have been working together for three years and this has created ​​a very valued climate of trust and friendship.



The Senior Pack Plus is a support system for car driving. The idea came up after interviewing some seniors who specified their right to drive safely, especially in a society that increasingly demands their help during the daily tasks of our families. The greatest concern of our seniors is not only their health, but also the adaptation to new technologies and to keep their independence. But overall health and aspects of sleepiness, mobility and disorientation. What do you consider the most dangerous place? "The car," then we developed our project.

The system combines a vision camera machine that observes and analyzes the driver's face. These data are collected in a tablet from which voice signals are output to the driver with very specific advice according to the life situation of the senior. The system manages to keep the driver's attention and gives him/her a confidence that allows them to perform a quiet and safe driving.


- The car will monitor the driver's vital signs

- If something is out of the ordinary, the car will react

- The car will also monitor the driver does not fall asleep

- The car should provide access to senior driver