New Talents
The Spanish FLL team Mechatronic Ants, composed of MTorres' employees, qualified for the Spanish FLL Championship which is taking place in March in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Moreover, Mechatronic Ants got the best position with the robot. Legotronic Beavers won the cup to the Best Teamwork and Robotronic Bulls brought home the price to the best professional courtesy.

Our Navarrese FLL teams meet our expectations. They brought 4 yellow LEGO cups and they qualified for the Spanish FLL Championship which is taking place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the 22th March. They beat once more the record with the robot and this from the first round. Our other teams came just after them: they got the second and third position.

Our three teams made great scientific and values projects. The youngest one, Robotronic Bulls, was the most special with the Values Presentation. 

Now we just have to wait for the regional competition in Murcia to see if one of our teams which are taking part there can come with us to the Canary Islands. Good luck to everybody!!!

The FLL robotic championship is an international educational activity aiming to approach young students to science, technology and innovation. At the same time, they have to learn entreprenurial habilities such as succeding in working as a team or resolving problems. This year, more than 265.000 young students from more than 80 countries will take part on this championship. 
The presentation includes a scientific and a technique project that detail every point about the robot construction and the strategy that each team has used to find a solution for resolveing the problems they have gone through.
The competition also includes the presentation of a project about the values they have been working on. Such as: workteam, entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Every team counts with the support of an adult who will give them advice during the months before the championship.