This morning, Eduardo Torres, on behalf of his father Manuel Torres, has collected from the the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, the highest distinction of this Spanish region.

With great emotion, Eduardo Torres has read the thankful speech on behalf of Manuel Torres and the rest of the winners. In fron of the local authorities and the guests at the Victoria Theater of Blanca, he has transmitted the words that Manuel Torres has written down for this occasion:


"I would like to tell you that being recognized in the land where I was born, it produces a feeling that reaches a place where just a very few sensations can get. Now I must take the decision of where I should place this medal; Whether in my house, my home, or in my living room, which is none other than my work office in the company, that is also, my other home.


Today I feel more committed to my beloved homeland and its philosophical, cultural and industrial development and I promise that I will continue to serve my land, our land. Without any rest.


In any case, this day is already part of those moments of life that you always remember because you were happy living them.


Thanks with all my heart".