Manuel Torres, president and founder of the MTorres industrial group, received yesterday in Madrid the Award in the category of Aeronautics, given by TEDAE (Spanish Association of Defenses, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technologies). This recognizes his contribution to the expansion of the industrial and technological capabilities for the aeronautical sector, through a business activity linked to the development of industrial automation systems and the machine-tool sector, creating an industrial group with more than 800 people -80% highly qualified technicians- and exporting to more than 60 countries with 650 customers. The award, an sculture, was given by Javier Álvarez Vara, former president of the company Construcciones Aeronáuticas, CASA.


The event, held at the Rafael del Pino Foundation Auditorium, was attended by nearly 300 representatives from the business world, from the Administration, and from institutions and companies related to the Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space industries. Ten years of TEDAE were commemorated with the delivery, for the first time, of six awards to people and institutions that have contributed decisively to the development of the industry.


The awards

The TEDAE Awards contemplate six different awards: from Professional Career to categories of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space and also, an award to the Professional Future.

Estefanía Matesanz, Dean of the Official Association of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain, received the award for the Professional Future; the defense prize has been awarded to Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez, and the Security to the Civil Guard, which in 2019 turns 175 years guaranteeing the protection of citizens.

As said, Manuel Torres, president and founder of the MTorres group, has been awarded the TEDAE Aeronautics Award and in the category of Space was received by the astrophysicist Álvaro Giménez. And, finally, the TEDAE Prize for Professional Career has gone to Pedro Pintó, a true pioneer of the space sector in Spain and a master of many current managers of the aerospace industry.


Ten years of TEDAE

Ten years have passed since the Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space companies decided to join forces and establish TEDAE as one single voice of the Industry within the Administration, European and international institutions, organizations and society in general. Ten years since its predecessors ATECMA, AFARMADE and PROESPACIO decided to join and become TEDAE.


During these years TEDAE has worked to support the economic growth of our country, responding to the needs of customers who make use of our technologies. A work that also give visibility to the four industrial sectors integrated into TEDAE and give society a greater knowledge of the association and how much and good these companies are contributing in our day to day, to our well-being.


On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, the association decided to convene the first edition of the TEDAE Awards to distinguish people and institutions whose technical, management, business, informative or academic work contributes in a relevant way to the development of Defense industry and technologies, Aeronautics, Security and Space.