The Government of Navarre has granted our president, Manuel Torres, with the Cross of King Charles III Noble of Navarre, due to the strong commitment he has kept throughout his life to innovation. The local cabinet has also highlighted "his ability to develop technological activities within different sectors as aeronautics or energy".

In addition to Manuel Torres, other eight personalities and entities have been awarded because of their outstanding contribution to development, projection and prestige of Navarra, within their own activities.


They are Izaskun Arratibel, Julio Ayesa, Mario Gaviria, Difusora Cinematographic Cultural S.A. "Golem", Gregorio Monreal, Javier Molina, Oberena Dantza Taldea and Koldo Rodero.


The delivery of these distinctions is scheduled for next May 7th. 


The Cross of King Charles III Noble of Navarre

Since 1997, the Government of Navarra awards every year with this distinction as a public recognition to people and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to the progress of the society of Navarre or due to their international promotion of our county.

The award takes the name of King Charles III the Noble, a monarch who stood out among all the kings of Navarre for its peaceful and conciliatory nature, for its initiatives supporting our culture and art, and the establishment of peaceful relations and friendship with other European courts.

This award consists of an enameled cross on which reproduces the seated statue of King Charles III contained in the royal stamp preserved in the General Archive of Navarre, surrounded by the legend "Karolus regis navarre". On the reverse is the shield of Navarre on the term "County of Navarre" and the legend "Cross of Charles III the Noble of Navarre".