Paper Converting
MTorres signed an agreement with HP Inc., one of the key players in the digital printing sector. This agreement allows us to become their main partner in the supply of unwinder and rewinder machines for their printing lines incorporating the new HP T400S.

MTorres will supply a TGR unwinder with an LTX-3 splicer, which can unwind reels with a diameter of up to 1,525 mm and a maximum weight of almost two tonnes, operating at a speed of 365 metres per minute.

The TTR rewinder machine will be used to collect the printed work, forming a new finished reel. In this case, it will be capable of handling somewhat larger reels, with a diameter of over 1.5 metres and a weight slightly over two tonnes. The assembly will feature ‘food grade lubricant’, i.e., lubricants used with the assembly are suitable for food processing applications.


As an option, the full printing line can accept chucks of different dimensions, as well as the automatic loading and unloading of reels. This last option will allow the printing line to be operated at maximum production speeds by a very low number of operators, thus achieving maximum production rates.

This equipment is manufactured by MTorres as an accessory for the HP T400S printer. This new digital printer has been designed for the industrial sector. It can print at top-speed rates over a 42" width (1,067mm) and, thanks to its versatility in the modification of printing patterns; it is a future-proof solution for the production of increasingly smaller batches, as per the current market demands.


HP Business Partner

As a result of the agreement signed with HP, MTorres has become an “HP Business Partner”, allowing us to show the logo in our marketing materials, including books, product catalogues, at fairs and on our web site.