New Talents
They played the Open European Championship in Mannheim (Germany) in a competition that brought together 462 students -aged between 10 and 16 years old- of 66 teams from 37 countries

Mechatronics Ants team, formed by M.Torres’s employees children, conquered in Mannheim the podium for the third place Best Robot Behavior in the Open European Championship, the 'World Championship' of the First Lego League, being also Europe's leading team. China and Japan got the first two positions. The tournament of robotics involved a total of 462 students from 66 teams from 37 countries.

The Government of Navarre, through the European Business and Innovation Center of Navarre (CEIN) and the company GMV, participates in the tournament. This competition meets 150,000 schoolchildren, aged between 10 and 16 years old , having 20,000 teams from 45 countries. Mechatronics Ants won last December in the Navarre phase, reaching the top position in Robot behavior and in the combined competition. They also won in the same category in the Spanish tournament, placed in Pamplona on 11th March 2012.

Spain is the country that provides more teams to this competition which aims to promote, through robotics, the interest of students for science, technology, innovation, research, project analysis , teamwork and entrepreneurial values​​. In Navarre, this competition involves a total of 230 students from 11 schools, organized into 23 teams.

Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez Sesma, Aeronautics Engineering Director of the company is also the team coach.  He says that to prepare the international tournament have trained about 10 hours a week: "After a period of reflection, we shared our feelings, hopes and goals towards the Open European Championship in Mannheim, and altogether agreed that the main objective would be to have fun and to take advantage of the great opportunity we had to meet other teams and to share with them our experiences ... but we have reached an achievement that, although it is not impossible, it is very hard to beat. The boys really deserved it, they have done it awesome! ".

29 people traveled to Mannheim among team members, coaches, brothers and sisters and parents, accompanied by company staff and its president, Mr. Manuel Torres.

66 teams from 37 countries have participated in the Final competition in Mannheim: Switzerland, China, Spain, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Singapore, Ireland, Denmark, India, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Slovenia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United States, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Iceland, Canada, France, Sweden, South Africa, Lebanon, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Jordan, Egypt, Chile, Lithuania, Estonia and Peru.