New Talents
They also obtained the Second Award GMV so they will represent Spain at the Open European Championship that will take placed in Paderborn (Germany) in May 2013.

33 Spanish teams participated in the great Spanish Final of the First Lego League Competition placed at the Congress Palace of Tarragona.  This was a spectacular scenario for the superb performance of our team Mechatronic Ants. Its 10 members played at their highest level and finished the competition with an amazing achievement.


Regarding the performance of the robot, during the second round, the team scored the maximum punctuation that has been ever done at any regional competition: 590 points. Mechatronic Ants were unbeatable and they won very easily the Final competition against the team of Castellón.


Besides, the Scientific Project and the Core Values presentations were just perfect.  Once they finished their speeches, they were congratulated by judges just before leaving the room. Those presentations were the key in order to get their passport to Germany because this year, getting the Robot performance Award was not a guarantee to travel to Paderborn. Finally, during their Technical Project presentation, team members explained their strategy for getting 590 points score which made them become superior against their competitors. Robot design and its performance on the table were also recognized by judges.


Again this year, we will have the opportunity to compete against other teams from all over the world and maybe against China and Japan too! Of course, under Switzerland’s permission.


Congratulations Mechatronic Ants!