Moving Lines
Design, performance and flexibility
MTorres moving lines design performance flexibility

Moving Lines

Flexible and efficient planning with maximum performance

MTorres moving lines range has been designed to outperform in every aspect. From ergonomic design that makes maintenance easy to vastly performance, the MTorres concepts allows flexible and efficient floor planning and maximum return per square metre of floor space.

MTorres has developed and successfully implemented at the Aerospace Industry worldwide, a number of moving lines, using the state of the art technology and equipment that assures the required degree of flexibility and productivity that the industry demands, after carefully listening the customer requirement.

DATA:  Lines M.Torres Movement supplied to the assembly line of A320 program can manage a ratio of 40 aircraft per month.

MTorres provides a complete solution covering every project  phase, from the concept development to the Assembly Line Final Acceptance and production support.

As a reference the moving line for A320 family fuselage final assembly, encompass A318, A319, A320 and A321 models. The Mtorres concept allows these different sizes and its customized requirements. It includes 10 transfer cars for fuselage, 14 working stations, and 2 transfer stations, in a non stop movement at 1m/h operational speed.

Design, performance and flexibility are the key features for the Mtorres moving line concept. With every design Mtorres can propose a wide range of accessories and options, to make the working area adapted to each regulations.

Clearly better, clearly built for success.



  • As per customer specifications


  • As per customer specifications
  • Customizations


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