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Helpful Solution for automated assembly of Aircraft
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Integration Projects / Turn Key Solutions

Automated assembly of aircraft components with flexibility and productivity

Wheter your business is large or small, MTorres offers a range of systems for the aerostructures manufacturer, so there’s sure to be one that suits or can be accommodate to your needs.

MTorres Diseños Industriales is a global industrial company, driven by employees who are proud to offer solutions people use every day to create a positive impact in their work environment.

Through almost 40 years and by listening to customers, we’re able to understand what’s important when developing new solutions. Driven by an old tradition of technological innovation, we enable companies and their customers to create progress.

MTorres has developed over the years the widest range of systems to automate, with the highest flexibility and productivity, the assembly of aircraft components.

DATA:  MTorres provides a complete solution that includes every phase of the project, from design development to final approval of the assembly line and production support.

Ranging from wings and wing box forming systems, wing integration systems, Fuselage Barrel forming Solutions, Fuselages Sections Joining Systems, to moving lines Crawling Drilling and Riveting Systems, Moulds and Special Tooling, Mtorres provide the most comprehensive, productive and well proven range of solutions.

Mtorres extremely powerful Engineering and Project Management capabilities fully ensures the capacity to define, manage and successfully implement complex integrated projects and to provide Turnkey Solutions to our customers.

This powerful team has allowed the development of a number of operative solutions, to match customer requirement and needs. Every unit built includes customized Human Machine Interface HMI software for easy operation of the jig. A step by step workflow based software approach allows an error free operation, even in the highly automated and advanced solutions in production.

As MTorres continues to invest in the latest technologies to bring you high quality products and solutions, we continue setting the standards in regards to our commercial products.



  • As per customer specifications


  • As per customer specifications
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