Conventional tooling
Designed for your business
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MTorres conventional tooling

Manufacturing process

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Conventional tooling


We invite you to learn firsthand how the machine is manufactured since the idea is conceived until it is put into production.


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Conventional Tooling

Designed for your business

MTorres designs and manufactures a variety of conventional tooling and equipment.

The range of products in conventional tooling covers:

  • Layup tools
  • Trimming tools Composite molds
  • Material handling systems
  • Transport tools
  • Turning devices
  • Applied tools
  • Assembly fixtures

DATA:  MTorres has increased its assembly capacity with the addition of our new manufacturing site in Everett ( WA). Also in Europe we have two of the largest milling machines in Europe to manufacture big tooling structures

But our aim and the most significant efforts are focused in lean manufacturing principles, providing enhancement in savings, and cutting costs over the years.

Our commitment to please customers has kept us at the forefront of the technology for the aero structures industry for almost 40 years.




Fabrication Facilities


1 Torresmill, 5 axes DNC/CNC high speed milling machine with the following axis travel:


  • X = 31.500 mm
  • Y = 4.470 mm.
  • Z = 2.500 mm.
  • A = 110º
  • C = 190º

1 Torresmill, 3+1 axes DNC/CNC high speed milling machine with the following axis travel:


  • X = 31.500 mm.
  • Y = 4.470 mm.
  • Z = 2.500 mm.
  • B = 110º  



Dimensional Control, Verification and Quality Control

  • 1CMM MORA CNC with a measurement envelope of 14.150 x 3.000 x 4.000mm (46.5’ x 9.8’ x 13.1’)
  • 1 Laser tracker Leica smart 310
  • 3 Laser tracker Leica smart 510.13
  • 3 Laser Interferometer Renishaw
  • 2 Laser Interferometer Hewlett Packard
  • 5 Leica optical levels
  • 1 Renishaw ballbar
  • 2 Rotary Axes Calibration RX10
  • 3 Eletronic Levels


  • As per customer specifications