Multiflexible Universal Holding Fixture
The TORRESTOOL® is a Multiflexible Universal Holding Fixture specially designed to support in space aircraft structural components, while they are machined or laser cut.
Torrestool multiflexible universal holding fixture

Manufacturing process

Turning an idea into reality



We invite you to learn firsthand how the TORRESTOOL® is manufactured since the idea is conceived until it is put into production.


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Multiflexible Universal Holding Fixture

The TORRESTOOL® is a modular concept consisting on a number of carriages that move on the X-axis direction, with a number of supports per carriage, that move on the Y and on the Z axes.

Each support rod has a self adjusting 45º tilting capability vacuum holding cup on the top. In certain applications a part clamping device is set up on top of the rod instead.

The TORRESTOOL® is controlled from a PC where all part programs are downloaded from, into the MTORRES developed multiaxes controlled system to trigger the TORRESTOOL® repositioning process.

THE DATA:  The ever increasing need of flexibility in in the industry has boosted the applications for the Flexible Tooling System providing M Torres with a world’s leading position for the system.

By integrating the TORRESTOOL® with the TORRESMILL® or TORRESDRILL or TORRESLASER®, the system provides the highest degree of flexibility on their milling, drilling or laser cutting operations, reducing change over time from one part configuration to next to a maximum of two minutes. All supports rods with vacuum cups or clamping devices move simultaneously in the X/Y/Z axes and are automatically locked in their final positions.

TORRESTOOL® Universal Holding Fixtures are available in different design configurations, horizontal, vertical, round, 3 Axis, single axis, etc ,and in any required size to be integrated with other MTORRES machines.

All supports rods move simultaneously in X, Y, Z axes and are automatically locked in their final position. All motions are servo driven and NC controlled.


Ground guide ways, rack and pinion and balls crews systems are used to drive the axes.


Main feature

Flexibility and efficiency lead to productivity and low cost.

The Flexible Tooling System TORRESTOOL maximizes the flexibility and efficiency of the machine it is working with (TORRESMILL or TORRESLASER) creating a Lean process that eliminates the otherwise needed dedicated hard tooling, traditionally used in the industry, reducing substantially the recurring operating cost.


It is a modular concept


  • Vertical
    To work integrated with Column type machine

  • Horizontal
    To work integrated with Gantry type machine
  • Round
    For assembly process


  • Special attachments and cups to fixture complex surface components
  • Automatic repositioning software integrated with TORRESMILL® or TORRESLASER®
  • Multipart set up software
  • Absolute positioning system
  • Part automatic searching
  • Vacuum level control
  • MTorres post-processor
  • Additional reference point locator
  • Production support service


  • Flexible Tooling System that substitutes the conventional hard tooling and works integrated with the routing and laser cutting machines.


You'll find all the technical information specified in the product catalog.

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