Ultrasonic Composite Cutting Machine
The TORRESPANEX 6-axes Gantry CNC high speed ultrasonic cuttingMachine has been specially designed forHigh Speed Cutting of aircraft uncured composite structural components.
Torrespanex Ultrasonic composite cutting machine MTorres

Manufacturing process

Turning an idea into reality


We invite you to learn firsthand how the TORRESPANEX is manufactured since the idea is conceived until it is put into production.


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Ultrasonic Composite Cutting Machine

The lightweight, sturdy torsion free gantry concept enables the machine to provide maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates.

An ultrasonic cutting system provides the appropriate high frequency vibration capabilities for optimal cutting conditions and maximum feed rates.

The well proven modular machine system is the basis for each individual application.

TORRESPANEX Gantry cutting machines are built in various sizes to meet customer requirements and specifications.

Optionally an Automatic Tool Changer for different SONOTRODES utilization, as well as Part Labelling capabilities are available.

THE DATA:  The Ultrasonic Cutting Technology is massively used in the aerospace industry to manufacture Carbon Fiber components.

The machine may also include a vacuum table to support the component to be cut or a conveyor for easy part loading/unloading can be provided.

Applications may include net cutting of compound contoured fuselage panels, wing skins, composite structures, frames, stringers, etc.

A nesting software is optionally available to optimize the material usage.

Also a user friendly HMI is provided to facilitate machine operation.

A postprocessor can optionally be provided.




Main feature

Ultrasonic cutting of difficult angles

The TORRESPANEX Ultrasonic Cutting machine reaches really sharp cutting angles, what allows the user to cut directly in the solid laminate to get noodles for stringers and similar components manufacturing.



  • As per customer specifications


  • Automatic Sonotrode changer
  • Automatic cutter orientation system
  • Labelling system
  • 2D Rototranslation system
  • Vacuum table
  • Conveyor table
  • Nesting Software
  • MTorres post-processor
  • Production support service


  • Ultrasonic Cutting Technology for carbon fiber solid laminate cutting and honeycomb cutting as well.


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