Automatic Tape Layer Machine
The TORRESLAYUP is an 11 axes Gantry CNC tape layer machine, that has been specially designed for high speed tape laying of compound contoured aircraft structural components.
Torreslayup Automatic Tape Layer machine

Manufacturing process

Turning an idea into reality


We invite you to learn firsthand how the TORRESLAYUP is manufactured since the idea is conceived until it is put into production.


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Productivity and flexibility together in a perfect solution

The particular tape laying head design provides the best compacting results, avoiding the need of any debulking operation while fabricating a part.

The TORRESLAYUP runs with 300, 150, and 75mm( 12”, 6” and 3”) wide single tapes and can lay up to 600mmwide band (24”) in multitape configuration.

Different multitape configurations are available (4x150 – 4x75mm– 2x150mm) to provide the capability to lay down several tapes simultaneously in order to simultaneously boost productivity by increasing band width, scrap reduction by means of independent control of each tape and scrap reducing strategies as well as enabling the machine to lay up on quite sharp geometries with high productivity rates by using several narrow tapes.

TORRESLAYUP can be built in various sizes to meet customer requirements.

Its two ultrasonic knives, assembled on a set of four NC controlled axes, provide the capability to perform complex tape cuts during the lay up process.

A tape defect laser detection system allows the machine scrapping any defective portion of the tape, and avoid its lay-up on the part.

THE DATA:  The manufacturing of Airfoils has been made using ATL solutions for years. M Torres is currently the market reference for this technology.

A programmable ultra sensitive web tension control and the tape supply system allows the machine adapting to the most demanding compacting conditions on complex surfaces.

Among a number of options available, the machine may include an ultrasonic cutting system to cut uncured composite parts right after the layup avoiding the need of a dedicated machine for this purposes.

A highly sophisticated programming software package, TORLAY, allows the programmer to simulate, optimise and modify every single tape, ply and layer associated parameter properly. Then, a built-in postprocessor automatically generates the part CNC program.

In addition, a Part History software package is provided, to keep control of production relevant events.

Applications include manufacturing of flat, curved, or compound contoured carbon fiber parts


Main feature

Productivity and flexibility together on a single perfect solution

The TORRESLAYUP delivers the highest productivity and reliability to lay down aerospace carbon fiber components. It also offers some options that boost the process optimizing possibilities, such as the Multitape system to maximize productivity on surfaces requiring relatively narrow tape by allowing the usage of wide band tape.


  • Number of tapes:
    (single and multi-tape)

    1, 2 ,4

  • Tape width
    75mm, 150mm, 300mm.
  • X
  • Y
    2.500 mm, 5.400 mm,  7.800 mm.
  • Z
    0.250mm; 0.850mm; 1.500mm; 1.700mm


  • 75 mm wide tape
  • Rototranslation system
  • Builting Ultrasonic cutting system
  • Multitape Head
  • Automatic knife calibration
  • Automatic knife cleaning
  • Scrap saving software (Multitape option only)
  • Laser ply boundary marking
  • Production support service
  • Automatic Head Changing
  • Automatic Defect Detection System
  • Mould deviation compensation system


  • Manufacturing flying surfaces (Aerofoil) in Carbon Fiber.


You'll find all the technical information specified in the product catalog.

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