Automatic Fiber Placement Machine
The TORRESFIBERLAYUP has been specially designed for extremely high speed and high productivity fully automatic process to fabricate high contour or flat carbon fiber parts.
Automatic fiberplacement AFP MTorres


Highest productivity that ends up into the fastest return of the investment

The TORRESFIBERLAYUP is an automated fiber placement machine designed to provide the highest productivity when it comes to fabricate high contour carbon fiber aircraft components, although a 2Dfor high speed flat lamination, providing huge scrap material savings is also available.

Its unique tow cutting and adding system at full speed design concept allows the machine to cut, add and lay down consistently and accurately at 60mpm, ensuring the highest productivity fiber placement solution available in the market.

It is a modular concept system that allows the design and delivery of virtually any configuration of machine in terms of number of tows, (1/8'', 1/4'', or 1/2'' ) as well as the tow width and machine size.

THE DATA:  Both Boeing and Airbus have identified the AFP technology as the most productive solution to manufacture fuselages skins.

Also, the machine can be delivered under different architectures, Gantry Type, Column Type, with or without a Head Stock - Tail Stock system for revolution parts, etc.

A highly advanced and sophisticated programming /simulation software package, TORFIBER, allows the programmer to generate, simulate and analyse the part program, within a CATIA environment, before the MTORRES provided postprocessor generates the CNC program.

As an option, the machine may include a set of Automatic Tow Splicing Systems, one per tow, set up at the creel house, to boost even further the productivity of the TORRESFIBERLAYUP. It works by automatically splicing the end of a spool to the beginning of the next spool remarkably reducing unproductive time and saving recurring scrap cost.

Applications include manufacturing of flat, mild curvature as well as high contour carbon fiber components.


Main feature

The concept of cutting and adding on the fly is a breakthrough step within AFP technology.

The TORRESFIBERLAYUP implements for the first time in the industry an efficient system to cut and add on the fly each independent tow, not only without stopping or even reducing the machine laying speed but it is able to perform it at the machine full laminating speed, dramatically boosting the system productivity.


  • Number of Tows
    12, 16, 24 or 32

  • Tow width
    1/2", 1/4", 1/8"


  • Automatic splicer
  • Headstock/Tailstock
  • Automatic miss add/miss cut
  • Rototranslation system
  • Ultrasonic cutting system
  • Programming support service
  • Production support service
  • Wireless pendant


  • Fabrication of aerospace components in carbon fiber, which surface curvature is sharp or its radius is small, such as fuselages, leading edges etc. It also can be used to manufacture moderate curvature or even totally flat components, providing a huge reduction of scrap.


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