5axisGantry/Column Drilling and Countersinking Machine
The TORRESDRILL Automatic Drilling and Countersinking Machine has been specially designed for high speed drilling and countersinking Carbon Fiber components as well as stacks of different materials.
Torresdrill Automatic drilling countersinking machine


The right solution for highly accurate drilling and countersinking a stack of different materials.

The well proven lightweight, sturdy and torsion free gantry or column concept enables the machine to provide the maximum acceleration-deceleration at the highest feed rates, delivering the most demanding accuracy.

A high frequency spindle provides appropriate spindle revolutions for optimal drilling and countersinking at maximum feed rates.

TORRESDRILL Gantry or column Drilling Machines are built in various sizes to meet customer requirements and specifications and can be built for milling purposes too.

The TORRESDRILL, can be integrated with different solutions to fulfil the particular requirements of the customers, as far as part/tooling handling is concerned. A fully automated palletized system integrated/interfaced with the TORRESDRILL allows the automatic management of hard tooling. However, the most flexible solution for parts machining is integrating the TORRESDRILL with a TORRESTOOL®, flexible tooling system.

THE DATA:  This Drilling and Countersinking technology a level of productivity and accuracy combined on a single solution unheard of until now.   

The TORRESDRILL has been successfully implemented on drilling/countersinking applications at aircraft structural assemblies, such as wing/central wing box joint, fuselage assemblies, etc.

A unique pressure foot design provides an efficient and highly accurate solution for countersinking Carbon Fiber parts or a stack of different materials, CF, AL, TI, etc.

A unique MTORRES developed software to offset the effect of spring back on Composite components is optionally available. This software compares theoretical vs real part shape and corrects the CNC program accord-ingly. Also, a simulation software to minimize ready to work time and the risk of collisions can be provided. The machine comes with a sophisticated built in executive software package (HMI) to allow an extremely easy machine operation, as well as its maintenance, providing self diagnosis routines, etc.

Optionally postprocessor for the TORRESDRILL can be provided to generate the part program.



Main feature

The right solution for highly accurate drilling and countersinking a stack of different materials.

The TORRESDRILL machine performs high accuracy drilling and countersinking on a stack of different materials, typically Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Titanium. The level of accuracy that it delivers satisfies the most demanding countersinking tolerances to ensure proper aerodynamics of the finished assembly.


  • As per customer specifications


  • Volumetric compensation software
  • Vision based measuring system
  • Tool management system
  • Temperature compensation system
  • Calibration system
  • Rototranslation system
  • Closed circuit TV
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Automatic Pressure foot changer
  • Wireless pendant
  • Enclosure
  • MTorres post-processor
  • Production support service
  • Pressure foot
  • Countersink depth control
  • Wet/dry drilling


  • High accuracy Drilling and Countersinking for stacks of different materials, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium.


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