Paper Converting
Automatic high speed Cantilever splicer for narrow web reels

Optional features

  • Automatic web alignment.
  • Automatic reel loading/unloading.
  • Automatic reel alignment.
  • Automatic splicing in register.
  • Modem access.
  • Electrical cabinet with air conditioning.


A new automatic high speed Cantilever splicer for narrow web reels

MTORRES has designed the TORRESLITE, a new automatic high speed Cantilever splicer for narrow web reels (up to 900 mm), with constant tension control and a capability of splicing at speeds of up to 1.480 fpm. TORRESLITE allows for both overlap splicing without a tail and perfect butt splicing. Automatic splicing in register is also available as an option.

DATA: The installation at final destination is easily made thanks to the different modules that are assembled without difficulty.        

TORRESLITE will handle materials ranging from films and nonwovens to paper products, and is a per-fect fit for all solution coaters, extrusion-coaters, laminators and printers.

'TORRESLITE zero-speed’ splicer means higher reliability: less missed splicers, less production stops, more productivity.

In the TORRESLITE splicer, the tail is eliminated so that the film curtain in the laminator or the print rollers on the press are not disturbed when the splice passes through the line. The result: no material is thrown away and valuable material gets on the reel as finished product.


Main feature

Precise web control

It includes two motorized expandable shafts (one for each station) for a more extensive control of the web tension.

Standard features

  • Transfer is made at ‘zero-speed’ allowing line to remain at top speeds, increasing productivity and decreasing waste.
  • Maximum performance and reliability.
  • Butt splice or overlap without tail.
  • Cantilever motorized shaft
  • Constant web tension.
  •  Programmable automatic splicing:
    - By web length or diameter.
    - At end of reel.
  • Easy threading.
  • Control panel with touch screen:
    - Web tension adjustment.
    - Reel parameter entry.
    - Brake control.
    - Selection for automatic splicing.
    - Alarms.


  • Max. Splice Speed
    Up to 450 m/min., 1,480 fpm.


  • Max. Working Speed
    Up to 600 m/min., 1,970 fpm.


  • Diámetro
    Max. Reel Diameter
    Up to 1.850 mm., 73''.

  • Paper Width
    Up to 900 mm., 35''.