The company juniors

Balanced groups made up of all the youngsters who volunteered to take part in the competition.

MTorres competition teams

The MTorres competition teams for the First Lego League consist of the children of employees in the company, both boys and girls, as well as some of their friends from outside the company. The Technical Staff organised the groups to maintain a good balance within them..

This team has received the First Champion’s Award (combining the Project, the Robot Game and the FLL Core Values) at the OEC (Open European Championship), the Finalist Champion’s Award at the World Festival in St. Louis, and the Robot Performance Award in both tournaments.
This is the 'veteran' team which began in the FLL in 2010. It is the first out of three teams from Navarre, with an average age of 14/15 years old. Although they started wearing orange in the first competition, they have now settled on sky blue as their kit colour.
The Torres ant is in shown on their badge. The ant is the only living being capable of lifting 40 times its own weight and works tirelessly, always as a team. This perfectly represents the spirit of the team that all the other Navarre team members would like to join.
Mechatronic is the most successful of all company teams, with 23 yellow trophies behind them: among them, the First Champion’s Award in Spain and Europe, Finalist Champion’s Award at the World Festival and Robot Performance Award at the OEC and World Festival. They have taken part in five tournaments in Navarre (all in Pamplona), in five Spanish finals (Bilbao, Pamplona, Tarragona, Barcelona and Tenerife), in three European Open Championship (Mannheim/Germany, Paderborn/Germany and Pamplona) and in a World Festival (St. Louis/USA). 
They have won awards in the categories of First Champion’s Award Prize (Navarre, Spain and OEC), GMV Second Prize Champion’s Award (Navarre, Spain and World Festival USA), Third Champion’s Award (Spain), Robot Performance Behaviour Award (Navarre, Spain, OEC and World Festival USA), Third Robot Performance Award (OEC), Robot Demo Award (OEC), First Best Innovative Solution Award (OEC) and Scientific Project (Navarre).


Legotronic Beavers
Have won yellow cups in their four appearances.
This is the company’s second team in Navarre, and bridges the gap between the veterans Mechatronic Ants and the youngsters Robotronic Bulls. The average age is 12/13 years old and they wear green T-shirts as the colour of the forest where beaver lives, displayed proudly on their badge. The beaver is a very sociable animal, well-known for its natural ability to build dams and the burrows where they shelter. Defence of its territory is important to the beaver.
This is a thriving team of experienced players who are one step away from the first team. They have been at four FLL tournaments in Navarre, and have won two yellow cups: Best Scientific Project Award in 2011-2012  and 2012-2013; Teamwork Award in 2013-14 Inspiration Award and 2014-15 Teamwork Award.


Robotronic Bulls
In their first appearance in the competition, they got to the final of the robot table and accumulate three yellow cups.
This is the company’s third team in Navarre and is composed of the younger players, entering the discipline of the First Lego League. Their average age is 10/11 years old, and their colour is the scarlet of the blood of the bull displayed on their badge. The bull is an icon in Navarre, and a central feature of village festivals. The strength of this animal represents the energy and drive of the youngest team in every appearance in this competition.
They stearted in the Navarre FLL 2012 and made it to the final of the Robot Behaviour table, only being defeated by their ‘brothers’, the Mechatronic Ants. The score they achieved on the mission table beat the vast majority of the Spanish teams, which says a lot about their work ethic and eagerness to wear the sky blue T-shirt. They have exceeded all expectations.
They already hold three yellow cups: 2012-13 Mechanical Design Award, 2013-14 Research Award and 2014-2015 Gracious Professionalism Award.


Electronic Falcons
During their first appearance in the competition, they won in the robot table and came away with 2 yellow cups.
This is the first team of the company in Murcia region and their debut in the First Lego League was awesome. They wear navy blue, the colour of the sea that bathes their territory, over which the falcon, resplendent on their badge, flies. The falcon is the fastest living creature in the world; it reaches maturity in its first year and mates for life, showing its unswerving loyalty.
This young team from Murcia has shown all the hallmarks of the falcon since its first appearance in the Murcia FLL 2012. It has been the incontestable victory on the missions table, with scores beaten by few Spanish teams. It has adapted easily to the competition and shown a maturity that heralds an exciting future.

During 2013-14 season, it got qualified for the Spanish Final and hold six yellow cups from the regional competition: 2012-13 Robot Behaviour Award and Mechanical Design Award, 2013-14 First Champion’s Award and Robot Behaviour Award, 2014-15 Robot Behaviour Award and Mechanical Design Award.


La Afición



In their second appearance, they won a place for the World Festival in USA.


This is the second team of the Company in Murcia and the future young Falcons players. The squirrel is a common animal who lives in the pine woods that cover the Murcian hills and it is not difficult to watch them looking for food tirelessly. This, along with its nimble movements, inspires affection among the hikers.

Something similar happens with the team. Its orange T-shirt doesn’t go unnoticed and, thanks to the passion they show in their projects during the tournaments, besides their great previous work, they have been able to achieve the highest level in FLL. During its second year of life, its qualification for the World Festival in St. Louis (USA) surprised everybody because it is an honour shared only with a few Spanish teams. 

So far, it has got three yellow cups. Two in the regional competition, 2013-14 Core Values Award and 2014-2015 First Champion’s Award and another one in the Spanish Final 2014-15 Third Champion’s Award.



La Afición



The families show their great support for the youngsters at the tournaments.
They show an unconditional support at the First Lego League. Grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and any other family member follow all the competing teams. They never get tired, overcoming any nerves they feel with the satisfaction they get from seeing their loved ones performing in the tournaments.
After weekends of sacrifice and heavy training schedules of their players, families enjoy the tournaments by noisily supporting their teams throughout. It’s a fantastic support, for which the company is sincerely grateful.