New Talents

Values of the ​​MTorres teams

Promote and encourage the development of skills

First Lego League


The company’s scale of values and philosophy have been adapted to the young teams of the First Lego League

  • Life is competitive, selective and evolutionary.
  • The world has been offered to us to not only be contemplated, but in fact to be transformed into a better world.
  • To develop, to create and to transform are the greatest possible satisfactions that a human being can feel when collaborating with the work of the Creator.
  • We must favour and stimulate the development of creative and transforming skills in children in that pertaining to natural resources so as to establish fair distribution and solidarity amongst all the people of the World. 
  • Healthy and noble competition enables children to evaluate and stimulate development of their ‘talents’.
  • The Company will insure that their pledge on a firm commitment to the future is known by all their clients, anticipating technical and humanistic training at an early age so that their trust in our present and future capacities will remain intact.