Robotronic Bulls
In their first appearance in the competition, they got to the final of the robot table and accumulate three yellow cups.
This is the company’s third team in Navarre and is composed of the younger players, entering the discipline of the First Lego League. Their average age is 10/11 years old, and their colour is the scarlet of the blood of the bull displayed on their badge. The bull is an icon in Navarre, and a central feature of village festivals. The strength of this animal represents the energy and drive of the youngest team in every appearance in this competition.
They stearted in the Navarre FLL 2012 and made it to the final of the Robot Behaviour table, only being defeated by their ‘brothers’, the Mechatronic Ants. The score they achieved on the mission table beat the vast majority of the Spanish teams, which says a lot about their work ethic and eagerness to wear the sky blue T-shirt. They have exceeded all expectations.
They already hold three yellow cups: 2012-13 Mechanical Design Award, 2013-14 Research Award and 2014-2015 Gracious Professionalism Award.