Incredible Squirrels

La Afición



In their second appearance, they won a place for the World Festival in USA.


This is the second team of the Company in Murcia and the future young Falcons players. The squirrel is a common animal who lives in the pine woods that cover the Murcian hills and it is not difficult to watch them looking for food tirelessly. This, along with its nimble movements, inspires affection among the hikers.

Something similar happens with the team. Its orange T-shirt doesn’t go unnoticed and, thanks to the passion they show in their projects during the tournaments, besides their great previous work, they have been able to achieve the highest level in FLL. During its second year of life, its qualification for the World Festival in St. Louis (USA) surprised everybody because it is an honour shared only with a few Spanish teams. 

So far, it has got three yellow cups. Two in the regional competition, 2013-14 Core Values Award and 2014-2015 First Champion’s Award and another one in the Spanish Final 2014-15 Third Champion’s Award.