This team has received the First Champion’s Award (combining the Project, the Robot Game and the FLL Core Values) at the OEC (Open European Championship), the Finalist Champion’s Award at the World Festival in St. Louis, and the Robot Performance Award in both tournaments.
This is the 'veteran' team which began in the FLL in 2010. It is the first out of three teams from Navarre, with an average age of 14/15 years old. Although they started wearing orange in the first competition, they have now settled on sky blue as their kit colour.
The Torres ant is in shown on their badge. The ant is the only living being capable of lifting 40 times its own weight and works tirelessly, always as a team. This perfectly represents the spirit of the team that all the other Navarre team members would like to join.
Mechatronic is the most successful of all company teams, with 23 yellow trophies behind them: among them, the First Champion’s Award in Spain and Europe, Finalist Champion’s Award at the World Festival and Robot Performance Award at the OEC and World Festival. They have taken part in five tournaments in Navarre (all in Pamplona), in five Spanish finals (Bilbao, Pamplona, Tarragona, Barcelona and Tenerife), in three European Open Championship (Mannheim/Germany, Paderborn/Germany and Pamplona) and in a World Festival (St. Louis/USA). 
They have won awards in the categories of First Champion’s Award Prize (Navarre, Spain and OEC), GMV Second Prize Champion’s Award (Navarre, Spain and World Festival USA), Third Champion’s Award (Spain), Robot Performance Behaviour Award (Navarre, Spain, OEC and World Festival USA), Third Robot Performance Award (OEC), Robot Demo Award (OEC), First Best Innovative Solution Award (OEC) and Scientific Project (Navarre).