Electronic Falcons
During their first appearance in the competition, they won in the robot table and came away with 2 yellow cups.
This is the first team of the company in Murcia region and their debut in the First Lego League was awesome. They wear navy blue, the colour of the sea that bathes their territory, over which the falcon, resplendent on their badge, flies. The falcon is the fastest living creature in the world; it reaches maturity in its first year and mates for life, showing its unswerving loyalty.
This young team from Murcia has shown all the hallmarks of the falcon since its first appearance in the Murcia FLL 2012. It has been the incontestable victory on the missions table, with scores beaten by few Spanish teams. It has adapted easily to the competition and shown a maturity that heralds an exciting future.

During 2013-14 season, it got qualified for the Spanish Final and hold six yellow cups from the regional competition: 2012-13 Robot Behaviour Award and Mechanical Design Award, 2013-14 First Champion’s Award and Robot Behaviour Award, 2014-15 Robot Behaviour Award and Mechanical Design Award.