New Talents
Legotronic Beavers got the First Prize for Inspiration and Robotronic Bulls, First Prize for Presentation. The three teams from MTorres got a place in several international tournaments.

The 'Falcons', Electronic Falcons, were the winner in Robot Behavior category by reaching 284 points in the last round of the table. This, along with his brilliant presentations of the Scientific and Values projects made them deserving to be the FLL Spain Winner. They got also a place for the World Festival of St. Louis (USA) and for the European Open Championship, which is held this year in Aarhus (Denmark). All work and effort, humble, transparent, brilliant, were supported by their little ones from the team, the 'squirrels' of Incredible Squirrels, and by the parents who, too, surprised with their joy, maintained the festive atmosphere in the Rioja Forum. And above all, the know-how of the coaches of the Falcons: Loles, Marta and the 'gregarious luxury' - always, for several years when competing in second row giving everything for the team - Pablo Aragon ... so great Size and values; So delivered as innocent; No doubt, a success of this competition that yesterday could not give a greater smile.


And the teams from Torres Elorz plant, also spectacular. Without the presence of Mechatronic Ants -the truth is that it was hard not to meet the celestial shirts-Legotronic Beavers and Robotronic Bulls couldn’t have done it better. The 'beavers' remained only 9 points from their colleagues from Murcia and 50 above the third in the table. They were brilliant in their presentations, they surprised with their answers to the jury and reached the First Prize for Inspiration, which also gives them the passport to the European Open Championship of Denmark.



On the other hand, the young ‘bulls’ continue with their improvement in each tournament and in front of 51 teams from all Spanish regions, they reached the eighth place in Robot Behavior, with 131 points. They were great in their presentations, both in Scientific and Values projects. They have also reached the European Open Championship in Denmark.



Is this all for this year? Well, the truth ... we do not think so. International competitions are just around the corner and, truly, you can not ask more from these teams, but they may surprise us again. Congratulations to all, especially the Falcons' Electronic Falcons, and all the best until the end of the competitions. We know that the important thing is to participate, but with these guys, we do not see their limit. Congratulations!




A total of 61 teams from all regions of Spain, more than 600 young people between the ages of 6 and 16 years old, more than 150 volunteers and hundreds of family memebers and visitors have gathered in Riojaforum. 



Electronics Falcons (FLL Region of Murcia) has won the first prize in the national First Lego League final. After the Murcia team, the second prize has been for FEDAC Black Wolvineers (FLL El Vendrell) and the third for Ypsilón Viaró (FLL Barcelona UAB).


This event, which is the great celebration of robotics, has been organized by the Riojana Foundation for Innovation, the Scientia Foundation and the Federation of Entrepreneurs of La Rioja.


It also has the support of the strategic allies of FIRST LEGO League in Spain: Fundación Princesa of Girona and LEGO Education ROBOTIX and the thematic partner of the Allies Purina Animal Challenge. Supported by other sponsors too such as EMESA Soluciones Informáticas, Escala, Government of La Rioja, Peñaclara and Telefónica.


With this grand final, the First League of Spain 2016-2017 edition concludes with the participation of more than 12,000 young people organized in 1,600 teams that have competed in 32 qualifying tournaments, held in 24 Spanish cities and with the collaboration of 2,500 volunteers who have made possible this fantastic adventure of emotion, learning, innovation, challenge, growth and expansion.


 FIRST LEGO League is an international program currently implemented in more than 88 countries, which aims to awaken the scientific and technological vocations of more than 255,000 youngters from around the world, through very exciting learning experiences that encourage innovation, creativity, teamwork, communication and problems resolution.

The participants of this edition have been working for twelve weeks in the resolution of the challenge Animal Allies. The participants will put themselves in the skin of animals to turn them into the allies of the people and improve their relationships making the world a place for all of us.


Each team has worked this challenge through the realization of a scientific project and through the design, construction and programming of a robot that, autonomously, performs missions on a game table. During the grand final, the participants have put into practice all that has been learned during these intense weeks of work and have presented it to the public and the team of volunteer judges.


This project is part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of the Riojana Foundation for Innovation that seeks to promote the culture of innovation within the education system.