New Talents
The hawks will be in the Spanish Grand Final along with the Beavers and the Bulls.

If the beavers were focused on wasps during the competition in Navarra, the hawks did on bees in Cartagena; accompanied by bulls and squirrels. The two teams of the First Lego League  from our Fuente Alamo plant reached yesterday the first two places in the local competition of the Region of Murcia, although only Electronic Falcons got a place for the Spanish Grand Final that is to be celebrated within two weeks in Logroño (North of Spain).

Incredible Squirrels were second in the robot table, with 167 points, and presented a surprising scientific project in which they built a robotic horse rider who rode following the orders of a tablet. Their project were about the assistance and training of the horse without the rider’s presence, among other aspects. The team got the yellow cup of the Entrepreneurship Award.
The hawks won in Robot Behaviour, with 259 points and presented a meticulous project on the conservation of the bees with the objective of the preservation of the animal life in general, perfectly reasoned. In addition to the prize mentioned, they obtained the First Prize to the Winner who gives them the ticket for the Spanish Grand final in which they can apply for international competitions.
Once again, the work of so many weekends has given a top result that rewards the effort made with, iniatially, the only target of competing and having fun. If, in addition, they are awarded, so much better!
This year three teams of the company will fight for international places. Once again, the dedication of the children, coaches and their families, supported by the awards, confirms the success of Manuel Torres in his commitment to early training in the field of robotics and innovation. That is creativity and work in our children, the “Young guns” that ensures the future of the company.
Congratulations to both teams. See you at the Spanish Grand Final!